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Sarah G

Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 31 years old
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Waist: 28
Build: Slim
Measurement: E Cup
Shoe: 5
Favorite Position: Doggy!

Hey Guys! I'm Sarah G, welcome to my BoppingBabes.com profile page! When I'm not modelling I teach dance! So I absolutely loved getting naked, showing off my natural boobs and dance moves! I want you to get your COCK out and stroke it over all my naughty scenes! Ready to get naughty?

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Featuring Sarah G

Sarah G “Nude in the Sun”

Bikini babe Sarah wants to sunbathe in the nude and doesn't mind you watching her strip out of her skimpy top and sexy black bikini! Her...

Sarah G “Professor’s Treat”

Sexy student Sarah has found out that you are retiring as Professor at the university, and since she has really valued you as a mentor,...

Sarah G “Hotel Mix Up”

There's been a mix up at the hotel you are staying at, and gorgeous babe Sarah has been double booked in your room...as the hotel is...

Sarah G “Enticing Striptease”

Hot busty blonde Sarah is wondering why, after a few dates, you haven't tried it on with her yet? She wants you to get past your shyness...

Sarah G “Naked Massage”

Sarah G is a very sexy masseuse she's got amazing legs, great natural breasts and the perfect ass! What more could you ask for? ... How...

Sarah G “PVC Princess”

Blonde stunner Sarah G wants you to watch and WANK YOUR COCK as she gives you a sultry striptease. she looks magnificent in her little...

Sarah G “College Cheerleader”

The hottest Cheerleader in college has to be Sarah G, all the guys love watching her out on the field, she's got the best body and she's...

Sarah G “Busty & Naked”

The morale around the office amongst the male employees has definitely dropped... The Boss has called you and your fellow colleagues into...

Sarah G “Horny Housemate”

Your housemate Sarah knows you've not been feeling too good recently and she's decided to give you a very naughty treat to try and help...

Sarah G “Natural Charm”

Your busty blonde housemate Sarah G knows exactly how to sweet talk you into doing anything she wants... It's almost impossible to resist...

Sarah G “Bikini Workout”

Gym hottie Sarah G is ready for her workout... First things first though... She wants to get comfortable! Sarah usually wears just a...

Sarah G “Busty Barn Girl”

There is a girl who works on the Barn called Sarah G, She's been accused of distracting the male workers... Today is your first day...

Sarah G “Naked Fun”

Your housemate Sarah G wants you to chill out and relax before you go out on a date and decides the best way for you to do that would be...

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Featuring Sarah G

Sarah G "Nude in the Sun"


Sarah G "Hotel Mix Up"


Sarah G "Naked Massage"


Sarah G "PVC Princess"


Sarah G "College Cheerleader"

Sarah G "College Cheerleader" written by Chris average rating 5/5 - 1 user ratings

Sarah G "Busty & Naked"


Sarah G "Horny Housemate"


Sarah G "Natural Charm"


Sarah G "Bikini Workout"


Sarah G "Busty Barn Girl"


Sarah G "Naked Fun"

Sarah G written by Chris average rating 4.8/5 - 14 user ratings