Dirty Talking, Dancing and Stripping British Girls


Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 27 years old
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Measurement: C Cup
Favorite Position: Guess!

Hi Boys! Welcome to my BoppingBabes profile. I hope you have as much fun JERKING OFF over my videos as I did making them!

Georgie written by Chris average rating 4.8/5 - 5 user ratings
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Featuring Georgie

Georgie “Your Favourite Nurse”

Beautiful nurse Georgie knows exactly what will get you feeling 100% better- a sexy striptease! The horny nurse shakes her perfect ASS...

Georgie “Please Boss”

Leggy office girl Georgie wants you to give her a pay rise, and she has an idea on how to get some extra money put of you- by stripping...

Georgie “College Sucks”

Naughty college babe Georgie is bored at having to stay behind after class. Before her detention starts though, she decides to alleviate...

Georgie “Naughty Summer”

Sexy beach babe Georgie just loves being out in the sun. Everything about summer turns her on and gets her feeling very naughty...so she...

Georgie “Fit to Fly”

Gorgeous air hostess Georgie provides a top service for all her executive-class flyers. You are a little nervous about taking to the...

Georgie “University Of Sexy”

Your university student Georgie has been struggling with her work so you invite her around to your house for some extra tuition, Goergie...

Georgie “Bathtime Tease”

Georgie is fed up of waiting for you to be finished in the bathroom and orders you out, you think this is unfair so you decide to try and...

Georgie “Good Day At The Office”

Georgie is at your office with a big surprise, someone has told her its your birthday and she knows just how to treat you..... She is...

Georgie “Nude Interrogation”

Will you be able to resist Georgies charm when she slowly starts to dance naked for you? She already knows you will be putty in her handy...

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Featuring Georgie

Georgie "Please Boss"


Georgie "College Sucks"


Georgie "Naughty Summer"


Georgie "Fit to Fly"

Georgie written by Chris average rating 4.8/5 - 5 user ratings